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Chat Commands & Help

/msg NickServ REGISTER < password > < email > : Use this command to register a account. For moderators and teachers this is a *MUST* . So you have full access to the room in terms of silencing,kicking,booting and setting topics. To register read instructions above.

/msg NickServ RESEND : If you did not get your verification email this command re-sends it to your email.

/nick < nick > : This command is to change your nickname. Both guest's and moderators/teachers can use this code.

/msg NickServ RESETPASS < nick > < email > : This command reset's your registered account password.

/msg NickServ DROP < nick > : If you no longer wish to have your nickname registered.

/msg away : marks your account to [AWAY]

** Make sure when using these chat commands, You get rid of all spaces within the "< > " bracets **

[ If you want to know more about these commands and how chat works : CLICK HERE! . ]